August 18, 2015

Acro Videos

Washing machines and flows that I’ve discovered through my Acro Yoga practice:


When Rachel Plies returned from Iceland we decided to teach an Intermediate-Advanced Acro workshop together. Half of the material was spinny, upper-level washing machines, and the other half was strong-flier, slackro-inspired transitions. We taught Pickpocket (without hand connections) for the first half. For the second half we created a flow called “Valkyrie,” named after the other Scandinavian warrior women who lived in Iceland before Rachel got there.

Space Mountain came from practicing Liberty (Liber-tree) pose with Molly and wondering where it could go next.


Shantel and I discovered Ninjacopter when we decided to combine Ninjastars with Helicopters.


Chelsea and I were practicing Monolimb Stars and Monolimb Shoulderstands one day and decided to see if we could make them spin.


Sariah and I spent more than two weeks in the desert together and this is one of the things we created together in the few moments we had to acro together.

(p.s. Acro on a pool table is scary!)


Katey Courange wanted to do a floating Crow pose on hands while I was in the Bay. I wanted to make it roll. This is what we came up with. Michelle is standing in as the flier since I left before Katey and I could get a good video of it.


When I taught Michelle Rolling Raven and Space Mountain we realized we could combine them. Cosmic Chicken was the result.


One day in early March Jenae and I were working on Birthday Cake when we realized we could make it roll the opposite direction. Since the opposite of cake is pie and it was nearly March 14th (Pi Day) we called it Pi Pie.


When I dislocated my right ankle I had to learn to base with my other three limbs. After weeks of rehab I was finally able to use both feet, but in the meantime I created a flow, along with several fliers who were willing to do a little more work to fly on me. Heidi, Angela, Camellia and Meadow all contributed elements. We called it Pegleg Pete because it sounded better than crippled or limpy. After you’ve completed one cycle you can switch feet and do it all again on the other side!

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